Primay Feature of PariMarga is to empower th search user with when and where functionaity. The 360o search feature is eventually putting the power in users hand.

Predictive Search

Search that would help you search on what your requirements are. These could be Medical Service Provider Specialty, Shared Calendar, Walk-In or any other requirement that may be prime to you.

Multiple Options to Search

Customize your search as you want to, it still would be a predictive search that would help you locate the Medical Service Provider.

Save and Select

Sign in and your search is saved to be referred in future, should you need it. You have the choice and control to either save or discard the search results.

Our Services

Our Services range from C2B, B2B and B2C. In every case we aim to provide services that would help empower the user for the requirement that needs to be addressed.

360o Search

This service aims at accuracy nd efficiency in the searc results that woul be reflected for a given search string. the service is primarily aimed at end-users or Medical Service Seekers who would get the service without any cost and at any time they reuqire

Appointment Scheduling & reminder

Oncethe appointment is confirmed, user would get reminder on a set interval to ensure that the appointment is not missed. Thiswould also work as confirmationtool for the Medical Service Provider that the user is sure to make it per the appointment day and time

Map based Navigation Service

To ensure that the user makes it to the Medical Service Provider Location as per day and time, it is important that the route mapping and navigation service helps with driving details with time approximation. This would aide in ensurin that the appointment reminders are set based on route availability

Data Updation

B2B service available on subscription basis to the registered Businesses only.


A B2B sedrvice that would help Medical Service Providers as well as Medical Facilities in search and hire for Medical staff be it on temporary or permanent basis

Marketing Surveys and Updates

A B2B service that would enable publishing of Marketing surveys and results thereon to the Participating Medical Services Providers.